Free and Open Software Conference and Expo - Columbus, Ohio - October 24-26, 2014

Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Track
Android Development on Linux
Gregory Martin

Android Development on Linux covers why budding developers should choose Linux as their platform of choice and how to configure their environment. Topics covered include choosing an IDE (Eclipse/...

Applied continuous integration: baking quality into server systems.
Eric Wolfe

What do Deming, Goldratt, and Toyota have to do with server systems management, or configuration as software code?  This talk will cover some of the theory behind continuous integration...

Encrypting your files
Brian Miller

Worried about prying eyes finding your files? Want to make sure that no thief is able to access your stored banking information on your hard drives? This talk will discuss the Linux Unified Key...

Get children creating, sharing and programing with Scratch
Raul Suarez, Sergiane Nascimento

Remember when you started to program? The pleasure of the instant gratification. Do you want to share that high with a new generation?

Getting Started With Vim
Joshua Dennis

There are many text editors to choose from today.  In this talk I'll start out by giving an overview of the kinds of things vim can do that put's it "on par" with other...

How To Write a Computer Language
Thea DeSilva

I will start by talking about the stages of GCC. Then I'll talk about the stages of a the compile stage. After that I'll discuse compilation in general and then will be talking about...

Integrating Linux systems with Active Directory Using Open Source Tools
Dmitri Pal

The share of Linux systems in datacenters and cloud deployments continues to grow rapidly while Active Directory remains to be the main identity and authentication hub. Extracting most value from...

Linux @ Facebook
Alex Gartrell

Over the past ten years, Facebook has grown from a small php website into one of the most visited sites on the internet.  Since its inception shortly thereafter, the Linux Kernel team has...

Love your Music and Movies again with Linux
Chris Wallace

The year is 2014: home theater PCs are all but extinct... or are they? This talk will help you reinvigorate your media collection with a home media center, complete with intranet access and a...

Modern Web Security
bill condo

It seems that we can’t go a week without hearing about a security breach at a large scale website, or an established brick-and-mortar. We’ll briefly discuss and analyze some of popular...

Password: sw0rdf!sh
Dru Streicher

All that stands between an attacker and your most private information is an password. The keys to the kingdom are, 8-6 characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters, digits and special...

Proper Seasoning Improves Taste
James Siegel

Proper Seasoning Improves Taste -

Swimming upstream, freeing the code, and eating dog food
Jim Wildman

For Red Hat, Open Source is not just a license, but a business strategy and a core value.  This talk will discuss 3 aspects of that strategy and value

1) What happens when a customer...

Top 5 Infrastructure Management Policies Learned the Hard Way
James Keating

At DataYard we love to learn from our mistakes, so when any of our cloud services suffer a service degredation event (SDE) we analyze the event and find ways to mitigate it in the future.  ...

Unleash Wireless Access Point Power with Linux Based Firmware
Joshua Dennis

Overview of linux based firmware that can be loaded onto consumer grade wireless access points, examples of features and benefits of doing so.  Explanation of some of the different...

Using Git to Manage Your System's Configuration
Roberto Sanchez

While there are many ways to manage the configuration of one or more systems (e.g., Puppet, CFEngine, SystemImager, etc.), most people simply do not manage their system configurations. Large...