Free and Open Software Conference and Expo - Columbus, Ohio - October 24-26, 2014

Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Track
0 to Cloud in 30 minutes or less.
Scott Suehle

Learn to stand up your own hybrid cloud on as little hardware as your laptop in less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered. This Vagrant setup gives you a functional Chef deployment that...

100 % Open Source ColdFusion
Richard Hughes

How to learn & develop in ColdFusion with a completely open source virtual machine running from virtualbox on a micro distribution of Linux ( currently Tiny Core ).

The distibution...

Android Development on Linux
Gregory Martin

Android Development on Linux covers why budding developers should choose Linux as their platform of choice and how to configure their environment. Topics covered include choosing an IDE (Eclipse/...

Applied continuous integration: baking quality into server systems.
Eric Wolfe

What do Deming, Goldratt, and Toyota have to do with server systems management, or configuration as software code?  This talk will cover some of the theory behind continuous integration...

Best practices for MySQL High Availability
Colin Charles

The MySQL world is full of tradeoffs and choosing a High Availability (HA) solution is no exception. This session aims to look at all of the alternatives in an unbiased nature. Preference is of...

Converting Community Enthusiasm Into Better Documentation
Michelle Fredette

Just as your user community contributes to the vitality and integrity of your software, they can also make your documentation more robust, up-to-date, accurate, and real-world aware. At Puppet...

crushing data silos with ownCloud
Frank Karlitschek

More and more people store their personal files and documents in cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive or iCloud. The reason is that they provide convenient features to sync your...

Encrypting your files
Brian Miller

Worried about prying eyes finding your files? Want to make sure that no thief is able to access your stored banking information on your hard drives? This talk will discuss the Linux Unified Key...

Fun Art and Science with Linux and Three Million Timelapse Images
Eric Floehr

This talk will be a fun, fast-paced, entertaining and inspirational look at how I took a camera, a Raspberry Pi, a lot of disks and computer power and did some cool things with taking a picture...

Geek Empowerment: The Real Heart of Open Source
Russell Pavlicek

Many people today have jobs creating Open Source software. But for too many of these people, FOSS development is just another coding job with just another development methodology. Although these...

Get children creating, sharing and programing with Scratch
Raul Suarez, Sergiane Nascimento

Remember when you started to program? The pleasure of the instant gratification. Do you want to share that high with a new generation?

Getting Started With Vim
Joshua Dennis

There are many text editors to choose from today.  In this talk I'll start out by giving an overview of the kinds of things vim can do that put's it "on par" with other...

Hadoop for System Administrators
Justin Miller, Weston Bassler

Hadoop for the SysAdmins

Justin J. Miller

Weston Bassler


How To Write a Computer Language
Sigflup Synasloble

I will start by talking about the stages of GCC. Then I'll talk about the stages of a the compile stage. After that I'll discuse compilation in general and then will be talking about...

Integrating Linux systems with Active Directory Using Open Source Tools
Dmitri Pal

The share of Linux systems in datacenters and cloud deployments continues to grow rapidly while Active Directory remains to be the main identity and authentication hub. Extracting most value from...

Keep Your Secrets Secret in the Cloud with eCryptfs
Scott Randby

This talk will show how to securely store files in the cloud by using eCryptfs (a cryptographic stacked Linux filesystem) to encrypt those files before they are sent to a cloud-based storage...

Kernel Performance Tuning
John Dulaney

Covers the basics of performance tuning, how to change kernel parameters, what to change for various workloads, and a brief discussion on io schedulers.  Emphasis will be placed on nfs,...

Linux @ Facebook
Alex Gartrell

Over the past ten years, Facebook has grown from a small php website into one of the most visited sites on the internet.  Since its inception shortly thereafter, the Linux Kernel team has...

Linux on the Urban Farm
Tyler Reed

Open source platforms can make a measurable impact on food production. We've taken small-scale Linux systems like Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone Black and coupled them with embedded systems...

Love your Music and Movies again with Linux
Chris Wallace

The year is 2014: home theater PCs are all but extinct... or are they? This talk will help you reinvigorate your media collection with a home media center, complete with intranet access and a...